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logo-green-luxury-award-2013   World Luxury Hotel Awards - Winner 2013
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Hotel AROSEA in Val d'Ultimo follows the philosophy of Life Balance with the scope of giving most importance to the human being as an entirety by offering the possibility of joining an exercise and relaxation program. 

Guests who choose to stay in hotel AROSEA will find themselves in an ambience characterised by comfort and a love for detail. By dedicating time for your physical and mental wellbeing you will immediately have the sensation of fully dedicating time for yourself.

The AROSEA Life Balance Hotel awaits all those who want to spend some health-stimulating moments in their lives. First of all, our hotel is eco-friendly with great attention to Green Living, the organic cuisine with local ingredients, body treatments based on natural substances and fragrances... all this characterises a Lifestyle which rarely goes unnoticed.

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