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Comfort and wellbeing in the Design and Nature hotel AROSEA Life Balance in Val d'Ultimo

Welcome to the design and Nature hotel AROSEA: fascination, atmosphere, comfort and wellbeing await you. Come and enjoy recreation in one of the most inviting places in South Tyrol. Choose the most natural wellness, which culminates in perfection in the Val d'Ultimo.

Pine wood, sheep wool and the shale stone as exclusive design furnishings; creams, oils and natural fragrances provide the basis for body and beauty treatments; organic products, local vegetables, healthy and genuine food in order to respect the Alpine, regionally-oriented concept of the hotel.

The AROSEA Life Balance Hotel expresses the care, the protection and the respect for the human being as an integrity in a unique concept. Guests, who want to spend unforgettable holidays in Val d'Ultimo, will soon feel the physical wellbeing and the inner peace in the wellness hotel AROSEA.

Alpine Design- and Lifestyle Hotel AROSEA: wellbeing, fascination and elegance par excellence.

Exclusive for Italy only at Life Balance Hotel AROSEA
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