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Arosea Life Balance Hotel near Merano for your body & soul

Find  atmosphere & luxury at our hotel Val d’Ultimo

The deep effect of the surrounding nature can be seen in the interior design of the Arosea Life Balance Hotel, the exclusive hotel Val d’Ultimo. Anchored firmly in its traditions, Ultental-Val d’Ultimo embodies the life balance concept of Arosea: past and present, tradition and modernity meld into a new entity. The large modern dining room and traditional wood-panelled “Stube” rooms are good examples of this. Respecting the values of past times is not a hindrance to developing new ideas and trends. Quite the opposite in fact, since it provides a starting point for new horizons and an opening towards a modern interpretation of hospitality.

A concept followed in all areas of this Life Balance hotel Val d’Ultimo. Reflecting the philosophy of the Arosea Wellness Hotel, our kitchen strictly uses natural ingredients, our carefully selected activities lead to complete relaxation and the great attention to detail we invest in our rooms creates an inviting place to rest.

Even the logo of our Arosea Nature Hotel in South Tyrol is planned down to the last detail: the waxing and waning phases of the moon. For life energy and balance, it is important to live in harmony with the moon, which is why this mysterious celestial body plays an important role in the identity of our Life Balance hotel Val d’Ultimo.

A mindful and healthy lifestyle in which man, seen as a whole, comes first: Arosea has dedicated itself to this key lifestyle aspect.

Swiss pine, slate and sheep wool

These three natural elements that can be found in the immediate vicinity of the hotel are also everywhere in the Arosea Life Balance hotel. You are surrounded by natural materials that have a positive effect on your vital processes.

Not only do the Swiss pine-furnished rooms have an antibacterial effect, they also help to reduce the heart rate, thereby guaranteeing a good night’s rest. In contrast, during the day they increase vitality owing to the flavonoids and essential oils they contain.

The quiet and modern atmosphere radiates an immediate feeling of peace and tranquillity, further emphasised by the use of slate. Slate is largely considered to protect against harmful radiation and also has invigorating and strengthening effect on the entire body.

Sheep wool has been produced in Val d’Ultimo-Ultental since time immemorial. It is a valuable, animal natural fibre that insulates, warms (but is also permeable) and has a natural self-cleaning function, which feels especially pleasant to the touch in direct contact with the skin. A bath in relaxing, warm wool triggers a detoxification process that strengthens the immune system and helps combat migraines and cellulite.

At Arosea, the Life Balance hotel Val d’Ultimo, you can restore your inner balance and vitality in the most natural way. Get to know the exclusive concept of our nature hotel in South Tyrol – you will feel the difference!

Traditional mountain pastures and new trails
01/07/2019 - 30/09/2019
from 156 EUR
  • From sunday to sunday from € 156 per person per night
  • double room "cembro" east facing
  • 7 nights with half board - breakfast and a 6 course dinner menu
  • Free use of the entire wellness area
  • 2 guided mountain bike tours
  • Free use of the entire wellness area
Trekking at the Ulten valley (5 = 4)
20/10/2019 - 25/10/2019
from 740 EUR
  • price at person in the double room „cembro“ east facing
  • 5 nights at the price of 4 nights
  • Dinner at the restaurant with 3 different 5-course menus and breakfast
  • And AROSEA`s services included
AROSEA to descover
25/09/2019 - 27/09/2019
from 99 EUR
  • Price per person In the Doubleroom "cembro" east
  • for just € 99.- per person per night (not cancellable)
  • Half board treatment
  • AROSEA`s inclusive services
Life Balance in Val d'Ultimo near Merano
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