Treatment room of Arosea Hotel in Ultental-Val d'Ultimo with massage bed, wooden floor and view of the garden

Among South Tyrol luxury hotels, Arosea is one of a kind

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The natural cosmetics used at South Tyrol luxury hotels is always exclusive, and we at Life Balance hotel Arosea make no exception: we want to make you feel unique! This is why the harmonious atmosphere in our spa makes our hotel one of the most attractive spa hotels in the Alps.

Here, in the midst of the unique nature of Ultental-Val d’Ultimo, our guests can completely relax and be pampered in the Rosarium wellness centre. We offer treatments with natural, alpine products such as aromatic herbs, plants and flowers, essential oils and creams.

Choose your favourite treatment, indulge in soothing treatments for the body and get yourself back into shape. The Rosarium beauty centre at Arosea Life Balance is the ideal place for your wellness holiday in Ultental-Val d’Ultimo.

Sheep-wool wrap from val d’ultimo

Regional · Honest · Authentic

Pure wool does not only calm, your body will also be given natural warmth penetrating the deeper dermal layers and softening any tensions sitting there. This ritual is best accompanied by the burning of Alpine herbs, which clarifies the mind and intensifies relaxation. In addition, alpine herbs sprinkled on the fluffy blanket will further intensify the purifying and relaxing effect of the wool. Lanolin, the wool wax contained in the wool, is excellently tolerated by all types of skin, especially by sensitive skin.

50 min
142,00 €


The full strength of nature OXICUTAN Oxygen beauty massage

Oxygen is our elixir of life, providing energy for metabolism, physical performance and cell regeneration. Oxygen, energy and natural nutrients ensure the optimal conditions for a supple, healthy and beautiful skin.

Modern oxygen treatments are a wellness experience of a very special kind and supply the skin with everything it needs: extra energy and regenerative active substances. Oxygen truly is a natural beauty product – nature in its purest form and the best thing for the skin.

Treatments in the form of the Oxicutan oxygen concentrator are the fountain of youth for fresh, natural beauty. Oxygen treatments in the Rosarium spa area of Arosea Life Balance Hotel means an improvement in the blood circulation and vitality of the cells. You feel new energy in your body and soul, strengthen your immune system and can achieve your desired body shape more quickly.

We recommend oxygen treatments after anaerobic exercise (cycling, jogging, aerobics, etc.) in the fresh air or in the hotel’s gym. Opt for some relaxing moments after effective, physical demanding exercise!


  • A noticeable revitalisation of the skin occurs after the first application itself.
  • There will be a good effect after 3 - 4 applications on consecutive days.
  • The Oxygen Beauty Cure brings you a long sustained effect with maximal effectiveness: 10 applications on 10 consecutive days if possible. (interim interruptions of 1-2 days do not influence the result)
  • Regular monthly applications also lead to a permanent effect
1 x application face and decolletage
30 min
83,00 €
1 x session in the oxygen inhalation cubicle
30 min
40,00 €

Feel Beautiful

is the name of Farfalla’s cosmetics which use organic active ingredients

“Feel beautiful“ is the name of the organic active cosmetics by Farfalla with innovative plant extracts and sophisticated formulas. The finest organic vegetable oils and crystal-clear mountain spring water, as well as pure essential oils increase the effectiveness of this care product and the innate regenerative power of your skin for a deep sense of beauty.

The Swiss natural cosmetics manufacturer have been producing natural remedies for more than 25 years. Consequently, all “feel beautiful” products are certified by NaTrue: genuine organic beauty in harmony with nature.

Fresh, clear & beautiful – the cleansing treatment
90 min
118,00 €
Ageless beauty - the age miracle treatment
90 min
128,00 €

Michael Droste-Laux ©

Alkaline natural cosmetics

“A stable acid-base balance is seen in naturopathy, and increasingly in mainstream medicine, as the basis of a functioning metabolism. We want to raise awareness for a healthy, responsible and mindful lifestyle. It is essential to live and practise a basic life culture to this end.” (Michael Droste Laux)

Stress and a hectic everyday life, irregular and unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise and mental stress - does this sound familiar? All these factors have a negative effect and can be the cause of acidification in the body. The consequences of such acidity can include chronic fatigue, recurring headaches, weight gain and cellulite, impure skin, joint pain, intestinal disorder, which also lead to a weakened immune system, etc.

Alkaline natural cosmetics by Michael Droste-Laux remedies this. Discover this healthy way of life at Arosea Life Balance Hotel in Ultental-Val d’Ultimo through selected treatments as are laid down by the alkaline teachings.

IN THE ROSARIUM LIFE BALANCE CENTRE you will receive basic products by Michael Droste-Laux, such as a flowering tea to support kidney function, herbal granules to assist skin and hair and a basic gemstone bath for draining acid.

For 1 person
75 min
99,00 €
For 2 persons
75 min
179,00 €

Time for us - Private wellness for two

Private wellness for two

For 2 persons
105 min
245,00 €

Detox - suction cup back massage

The suction cup back massage is a combination of traditional and suction cup techniques. It activates your energy flow, improves mobility of your spine and head, stimulates blood circulation, decreases tension in your muscles and makes your entire body feel pleasantly warm and comfortable.
55 min
73,00 €

Detox - honey back massage

The nurturing and protecting honey massage helps blood circulation and uses the back’s reflexes to create harmony in all of your organs. Your whole body is stimulated and revitalised, while your energy balance is restored and toxins are eliminated.
55 min
72,00 €

Breuss massage

The Breuss massage is an energetic spinal massage that gently loosens and stretches the spine and sacrum. This method is especially effective for spinal disc complaints. The massage, developed by Rudolf Breuss, will make your spinal discs supple and more elastic. This is achieved through the special technique and application of St. John’s wort oil.
55 min
73,00 €

Sport massage

The sport massage helps your body achieve and maintain optimal condition and aids psychophysical conditioning. Fatigue is eliminated to better prevent muscle and tendon injuries.
Legs - Back
45 min
83,00 €
Back only
25 min
53,00 €

Special eye treatment

A relaxing massage followed by a refreshing pack brightens up tired eyes. Farfalla skin care products help maintain the elasticity of these extremely delicate parts of the skin, reduce swelling and make you look good all over.
25 min
48,00 €


The new, ”Stimularium“ biophysical wellness lounger is a unique holistic method for muscular relaxation and for energizing the body. Natural oscillations and waves contribute to the vitalization of the whole human organism. Impulses stimulate gently, yet highly effectively, each cell of your body. Emotional and physical relaxation works soothingly and favours the blood flow. Immunological, regenerative and energetic processes are stimulated and thus bring about the improvement of different complaints.
25 min
24,00 €
Whole body solarium with face solarium
7 min
14,00 €

Herbal oil massage (classic massage)

This massage strengthens, nourishes and regenerates the body. The synergy of active Alpine ingredients makes this treatment suitable for both muscle relaxation and skin care.
Whole Body Massage
50 min
69,00 €
Partial Massage
25 min
47,00 €

Herbal bundle massage

Gentle massage exercises using warm herbal bundles have a purifying action which nourishes the skin and is assisted by fragrant Swiss pine oil. You are soaked in Swiss pine oil, which also strengthens the immune system.
50 min
67,00 €

Ulten brook stone massage

Let your stress melt away. The hot brook stones from the Ulten mountains loosen up your muscles and let you experience unrivalledrelaxation. Gentle rhythmic movements will transport you away into a world of sensual delights.
50 min
67,00 €

Ulten brook stone and rock crystal massage

The rock crystals will give your body new energy along with strength and vitality. This special ritual with Ulten brook stones and rock crystals builds your strength back up for your day-to-day life. The hot Ulten brook stones will melt your stress away and the rock crystal will give you new energy
75 min
93,00 €


Eyebrow plucking
15,00 €
Dyeing eyebrows
16,00 €
Dyeing eyelashes
20,00 €
Dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes
28,00 €


Depilation legs up to the knee
35,00 €
Legs complete
47,00 €
Bikini zone or armpits
23,00 €
25,00 €
Upper lip
11,00 €


Nail polish
16,00 €
Manicure with hand care without nail polish
39,00 €
Manicure with hand care with nail polish
43,00 €


Pedicure with herbal bath without nail polish
45,00 €
Pedicure with herbal bath with nail polish
48,00 €
Deluxe Foot Care
110,00 €
Foot bath, herbal peeling, pedicure, herbal pack, foot massage, nail varnish (on request)

Arosea Ceremonies


  • Mountain herbal drink from the Ulten Valley
  • Steam bath with pine-salt-peeling treatment
  • Refreshing ”down pour” shower
  • Eye pad treatment
  • Awaken your senses in an osteopathic setting
  • Foot stimulation treatment using sand from the mountain streams of the Ulten Valley and foot bath
  • Hot Zirm Life Honouring Massage back and leg massage using pine oil and pine wood
  • Herbal mountain bath in a wooden jacuzzi
  • Followed by a linen embrace
  • Relax time with refreshment on a bed of sheep’s wool
For 1 person
105 min
179,00 €
For 2 persons
105 min
279,00 €

Sensual-Beauty Ceremony ©

  • Reception with a warm wool cover for head and neck
  • Facial cleansing with „Farfalla“ BIO-cleansing products
  • High-quality pinewood powder facial mask and peeling
  • Stimulation of the sole of the foot with corres - ponding effects on the head, face, neck and dé - colleté
  • Gentle touch massage with wool fleece and „Zirmschmeichler“ © for the face, neck and dé - colleté. Zirmschmeichler is a specially designed massage aid that is made my hand
  • Finish off with a relaxing drink
90 min
127,00 €

The Arosea Life Balance Hotel in Val d'Ultimo is the only place in the whole of Italy where the revolutionary Body Point System is offered. This new, gentle method for reducing aesthetically unpleasing local fat deposits uses innovative technologies that allow cosmetic treatments and body-sculpting on problem areas.

In addition, Body Point activates the holistic concept for body beauty and the body's own natural abilities. Collagen-light therapy promotes skin firming and achieves visible anti-ageing effects with regular use. Cellulite and wrinkles are visibly reduced, resulting in a more radiant skin together with an enhanced physical well-being.

The Body Point technology facilitates:

  • body point draining of fat cells
  • gentle cellulite reduction
  • long-lasting hair removal
  • natural wrinkle reduction
  • gentle removal of skin impurities
  • anti-ageing effect through collagen-light therapy

Lipo reduction

Face or double chin
159,00 €
Chest or back
159,00 €
Arms (both sides)
159,00 €
Knee (both sides)
159,00 €
Calves (both sides)
159,00 €
Stomach, hips or buttocks
199,00 €
Front thigh (both sides)
199,00 €
Rear thigh (both sides)
199,00 €

Natural reduction

Wrinkles (per body section)
79,00 €
Blemishes (per body section)
79,00 €
Pigmentations (per body section)
79,00 €

Anti-Aging Collagen Light Therapy

Collagen tower treatment
22,00 €

Anti-cellulite application

Arms (both sides)
179,00 €
Calves (both sides)
179,00 €
179,00 €
Stomach or buttocks
199,00 €
Front thigh (both sides)
239,00 €

Permanent hair removal

Chin or upper lip
49,00 €
Armpit (both sides)
59,00 €
79,00 €
Arms or calves (both sides)
79,00 €
Bikini areas
79,00 €
89,00 €
99,00 €
119,00 €
Thighs (both sides)
119,00 €

Hay bath

The hay from the unfertilized alpine meadows in South Tyrol shows a special combination of blossoming flowers and grasses. It stimulates blood circulation and is relaxing and tranquilizing. Suitable, amongst others, for rheumatic complaints, tension or for problems of the respiratory tract.
20 min
46,00 €

Sheep wool bath

Wool from the Ulten Valley is used here for pleasantly relaxing and natural warmth. When you are wrapped in wool, microcirculation is stimulated. It has a pain-soothing effect and strengthens the immune system.
20 min
52,00 €

Sheep wool bath with herbs

The herbs worked into our sheep’s wool create a calming, balancing and cleansing effect. The pleasant scent of the Ulten Valley mountain herbs gives you new strength and vitality.
20 min
66,00 €

Mountain mud pack with leg massage

The mountain mud pack helps to ease joint pain and inflammation. It stimulates your circulation and metabolism, relaxes your muscles and gets rid of toxins.
55 min
56,00 €

Ulten marble peeling with mountain herb pack

Make your rough skin smooth and supple again with ultra-fine marble while it simultaneously delivers a wide variety of minerals. We get our supply of special herbs for the subsequent mountain herb pack from the Kräuterreich Wegleit in the Ulten Valley
55 min
67,00 €

Wooden whirlpool bath

Enjoy the marvellous feeling of bathing in wood. A unique water pearl effect with the influx of oxygen.

Healing clay is an ancient natural remedy. The earth has been used for healing purposes since time immemorial. It has been recommended by many famous doctors from Hippocrates through to Hildegard of Bingen up to Paracelsus. Due to osmotic pressure, baths with healing clay deplete the body of secretions, toxins and sebum; especially helpful for joint problems, arthritis, skin diseases, allergic skin disorders, rashes, eczema, acne, blemished and oily skin, sores, bruises, muscle and joint pain and circulatory disorders. The warming effect allows the blood flow to be stimulated to the deepest layers. This is highly beneficial particularly to the metabolism and the circulation. Experience a new silky-smooth feeling to your skin while enjoying a soothing, relaxing bath.


is a rare healing clay of marine origin. It´s rich in trace elements such as iron, magnesium, calcium and sodium and has a light basic PH and a gentle cleansing action on the skin.


is rich in iron (red colour). It is particularly effective for sensitive skin. Gently soothing and cleansing.


is the perfect rejuvenator! Compared to cow‘s milk, goat‘s milk contains more trace elements and minerals especially calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and vitamins (A, B1, B2, C, D, E). It moisturises and promotes regeneration and is therefore particularly suitable for the treatment of sensitive skin. Goat‘s milk also has a cell-building effect. Even in ancient times it was considered a beauty elixir; and the Empress Sissi also enjoyed bathing in goat‘s milk.

For 1 person
20 min
53,00 €
For 2 persons
20 min
78,00 €
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