Hotels with lakes? Arosea in Ultental-Val d’Ultimo!

Hotels in Merano (Italy) with the certain extra

Many hotels in Merano (Italy) offer special services for their guests but it is not often that you find hotels with lakes! And yet, this is exactly what Arosea offers: a natural swimming pond! It is the centrepiece of the spacious alpine garden in the Ultental-Val d’Ultimo Arosea Life Balance Hotel: the natural 700 m² large bio swimming pond. Chlorine-free swimming is part of the nature-loving and sustainable way of life in the Arosea Nature Hotel!

If you look for hotels with lakes and hotels in Merano (Italy), then look no further and come to Arosea in Ultental-Val d’Ultimo! Our bio-pond provides swimming pleasure of a very special kind in the heart of the unspoiled nature of a unique valley. Surrounded by native water plants, the pond has natural regeneration areas, water inlets landscaped by nature and many other features. The micro-organisms, water plants and gravel interact in the regeneration area of the bio-pond to create clear water that is safe for human health. A process that has been seen time and again in nature.

Natural swimming ponds create a particularly harmonious swimming experience surrounded by nature – and harmony is the centre of the philosophy of life Arosea near Meran-Merano.

Baths in Val d’Ultimo: a centuries-old tradition in the pursuit of health

Ultental-Val d’Ultimo is also known for its baths – classified as therapeutic even in ancient times – and especially for its prodigious number of baths. The health-promoting waters of St. Pankraz-S. Pancrazio and St. Walburg-S. Valburga, Mitterbad, Bad Lad and Überwasser are used in treating disturbances of the nervous system, digestion, skin as well as female-related disorders and anaemia.

Numerous important personalities visited Ultental-Val d’Ultimo in the past to avail themselves of the health-promoting properties of these baths. Princess Sissi, Otto von Bismarck, the artist Franz Defregger as well as the brothers Thomas and Heinrich Mann and many others.

22/08/2024 - 25/08/2024
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Life Balance in Val d'Ultimo near Merano
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