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Arosea: welcome to the top of eco-friendly hotels

Discover our St. Walburg hotel’s commitment to the environment

The protection and respect for nature and therefore sustainable hospitality are central to the St. Walburg hotel Arosea Life Balance, which fully embraces commitment to the environment. Arosea is proud to be one of the eco-friendly hotels in South Tyrol which offer sustainable hospitality. One aspect we are very proud of is the use of the heat produced by the local biomass heating plant in Ultental-Val d’Ultimo. This plant incinerates untreated and unused wood chippings, processing residue from sawmills, sweeping powder and bark instead of wood from freshly cut down trees. This use of local resources significantly reduces transport routes, which in turn helps to reduce air pollution.

Wood processing is also an additional source of income for the local mountain economy in Val d’Ultimo-Ultental. Thanks to the expanse of forest area in the valley, mountain farmers can earn additional income by selling their wood to the district heating plant. Another reason for our St. Walburg hotel to respect our forests – which is a characteristic of all eco-friendly hotels.

Wood is life

The forest provides habitat and protection, it is a place of silence and untamed nature but also an important economic factor. Wood is a raw material, a source of clean, renewable energy and a sustainable resource, since it always grows back and feeds off the CO2 in the air thanks to the use of water and solar energy. Its CO2 emissions are negligible. When wood is burned, only the quantity of CO2 is released that the tree has absorbed over its lifetime via photosynthesis. This means that the CO2 cycle remains balanced.

A fact of which we are very aware in the St. Walburg hotel Arosea, where we want to offer sustainable hospitality. Sustainable heating methods that do not directly effect the wood stock are an important aspect of this philosophy, since eco-friendliness is our guiding principle. This is why we can count ourselves as one of the eco-friendly hotels in South Tyrol who respect this.

22/08/2024 - 25/08/2024
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Life Balance in Val d'Ultimo near Merano
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