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Taste South Tyrol food at Arosea Life Balance Hotel

Your hotel (Merano, Italy) where gourmet is truly healthy

At Arosea Life Balance special attention is naturally paid to South Tyrol food. A healthy cuisine prepared with wholesome, naturally pure products definitely contributes to physical well-being, from which the concept of balance derives. We focus on the natural qualities of our food when preparing our recipes as this is an essential part of life and an essential part of nature that we must honour and respect.

We draw strength, vitality and health from the fruits of the earth every day and this is our energy source. As a hotel near Merano, Italy which is environmentally-conscious, Arosea Life Balance consequently places great value on natural, regional and organic produce and takes due care in its preparation. The result is a uniquely subtle and refined cuisine that combines enjoyment and health.

"Let food be your medicine" – Hippocrates

Life Balance cuisine based on local, organic products –that is also the Arosea nature gourmet we offer during your eco holidays. We are creative and inventive in the preparation of our recipes. In selecting produce, however, we adhere to strict criteria:

  • The majority of produce we use comes from organic farming. Many of our suppliers are local – so freshness and naturalness are guaranteed.
  • We do not use any flavour enhancers such as glutamate, no chemical additives, no baking powder with chemical acidification components or UHT milk.
  • Every season has its specialities; therefore we only use seasonal vegetables and fruit rather than preserved vegetables or fruit.
  • Fresh aromatic herbs are the crowning glory of every recipe. They not only serve as seasoning, but are also natural remedies. We draw on the knowledge and tradition of this natural panacea.
  • Colours for the spirit and the palate: the theory of colour and the naturally-occurring shades of flowers and plants influence the composition of our dishes. Colourful herbs, flowers and plants such as dandelion or elderberry find their way into our kitchen.
  • Our bodies need healthy fats, such as high-quality seeds and vegetable oils, in order to be able to absorb the nutrients in the herbs, plants and fruit. For that little bit of extra pleasure, we also use butter produced on South Tyrolean farms.
  • For seasoning, we exclusively use sea salt and a variety of home-made herbal salts that add a fine, delicate flavour to the dishes.
  • We are particularly proud of our large and eclectic selection of crusty organic bread rolls at our buffet. We obtain our bread from the Ultner Brot bakery – the first organic bakery in South Tyrol.

Good health starts in the kitchen of our organic hotel in South Tyrol – you will feel it on your eco holidays at Arosea!

22/08/2024 - 25/08/2024
from 450 EUR
Life Balance in Val d'Ultimo near Merano
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